BMW S1000XR Superbike Windshields Vstream


BMW S1000XR Windshield VStream windscreen Ztechnik  

The shape and contour are modelled and tested to reduce turbulence in Ztechnik's state-of-the-art in-house R&D department. The VStream+ is named for its unique patented "V" shape, and the + indicates that a highly engineered and perfectly manufactured mount bracket is included in the kit.

BMW S1000XR Windshield VStream windscreen Ztechnik   VStream windshields are effective because the patented "V" shape and three-dimensional contours of the windscreen help quiet the ride by pushing the vortex out and away from the side of the rider's head, reducing wind noise. The smooth-radiused edges on all ZTechnik windshields add to the good aerodynamics achieved by the advanced design.

The custom bracket of the VStream+ assures a tight and secure installation and fit on a model the company says has "a weak factory provision for mounting an effective windscreen".
Made from hard-coated Lexan polycarbonate to provide outstanding durability and optical clarity, ZTechnik windshields are 200% stronger than windshields made from acrylic or the "air craft" material commonly used in the motorcycle industry; which is why the company backs these windshields with a 3-year warranty against breakage.


BMW S1000XR Windshield V-Stream+ Windscreen Z2370


BMW S1000XR Windshield VStream+ Windscreen Z2371


BMW S1000XR Windshield V-Stream+ Windscreen Z2372


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