Performance Titanium Exhausts

Ztechnik BMW Performance exhaust give great power ains and low weight plus increased torque and performance .
   Ztechnik  Performance Titanium Exhausts

New Titanium Exhaust Systems for the K1200S and K1200R.

Reduce Weight and Add More Power

 Titanium – stronger than steel and half the weight!

Titanium is the ideal material for the ZTechnik Z4001 Exhaust System. It's purpose-built for improving the sound and performance of the stock R1100S, and it's dyno-tuned to deliver power where you need it most – right around 4500 RPM.

The system's unique mid-collector also improves mid-range torque.

Best of all, the Z4001 lets you quickly shed 13 lbs. That's a whopping 47% decrease in weight!

Try the ZTechnik Diet Plan, and lose weight overnight!

As with all ZTechnik Exhaust Systems, your engine warranty remains valid after the system is installed!