BMW F800S/ST - Full Exhaust System, Stainless Steel

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F800ST exhaust full system F800S exhaust system full - Take a look at the new Z4062 Performance Header Pipes for the BMW F800S/ST. This sleek system provides a noticeable performance boost and an increase of 7.6 ft. lbs. of torque overall (when combined with the Z4060 Slip-On Canister) in a lightweight, well-engineered package. The quality and craftsmanship is refined for power and appearance. The equal length header pipes feature precision machined and welded couplers, providing you the benefit of a perfect fit and a tight, long lasting seal. As with all ZTechnik Exhaust Systems, your engine warranty remains valid after the system is installed! The Z4062 Header Pipes (with Z4060 Slip-On Canister) weighs 8.3 lbs. less than the OEM exhaust system, has a slim, refined profile, and works with the stock centerstand.
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