BMW R1200C Windscreen Dakota style Light Tint

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ABE Approved For that custom look at a very affordable price. Nothing beats the National Cycle Dakota Windshield. The Dakota Windshield does not have an adjustable window like the Heavy Duty™ Windshields. (Note: This screen requires a Windscreen mount kit- sold separately)

Important: Choosing the Correct windscreen height
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The one-piece design is made from 4.5mm thick High Impact Acrylic material. Dakota is trimmed in the same quality chrome outer hardware and black powder coat epoxy inner hardware as our Heavy Duty Windshields.

Light Tint

H: 18.25 in. (46.5cm)
W: 24.00 in. (61.0cm)
High Impact Acrylic merges the crystal clarity of acrylic with an impressive impact resistance. A standardized plastic test (IZOD TEST) compared standard acrylic to high impact acrylic: standard acrylic breaks at 1.5 foot pounds, while high impact acrylic can withstand up to 8 foot pounds. National Cycle uses the best material for the product design and price range.

National Cycle USA
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