BMW R1100GS VStream Tall Touring Windshield Z2437

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BMW R1100GS VStream Tall Touring Windshield Z2437

Important: Choosing the Correct windscreen height
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Up-to-date VStream style, durability and performance are now available for the original R1100GS. These replacement windscreens offer a solid and secure fit with outstanding performance. The special mounting brackets maintain factory rake adjustment capability for a wide range of individual comfort settings.

The Z2437 is a great choice for long distance touring or maximum wind protection.

FMR hardcoated polycarbonate material gives these windscreens outstanding scratch resistance and impact strength unmatched by any windscreen maker worldwide.
Includes innovative windshield brackets with sturdy 6-point mounting and complete OEM rake adjustability.

H: 20.75 in. (52.7cm)
W: 18.00 in. (45.7cm)  

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