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BMW R1150RS Dual Touring Seat Corbin Dual Tour Seat (without heater). The Dual Touring Saddle provides you and a passenger with sculpted seating and long range comfort
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Also fits the BMW R1100RS

Generously contoured platforms provide excellent weight distribution to eliminate pressure points and give support. Corbin's newly designed one-piece saddle is engineered to work on both the R1100 RS and R1150 RS models and install easily in place of the stock two-piece seat.
Rider Seating: 13.5"wide x 15" long
Passenger: 11.5"wide x 10" long
Approx. Seat Height: 30.5"

Corbin has taken the touring quality comfort to the next level with our ergonomic sculpting and wide supportive bucket shaping. The seat is lowest in the centre which reduces central pressure from your lower back. This shape is contoured out to cradle your body and disperse weight over a greater area.
This Corbin seat model also works with an optional removable rider backrest for added comfort and support. Sculpted to fit the shape of your back and simple to adjust with a single set screw. We offer multiple backrest models to choose from including our new "Ovalbac" series (#02-SB shown). Backrest support hardware is built into the saddle for a very clean look.

All Corbin saddles are built up with our exclusive Comfort Cell® foam. They may feel firm at first, but they break-in to your body and provide lasting support for years... firm is a Good thing! We've also neutralized the seating posture to curb sliding in the saddle and have provided ample room for you to move fore and aft depending on your riding posture.

Both saddle and backrest include genuine leather seating areas that conform along with the saddle for perfect break-in. We use leather in the seating and coordinated vinyl side panels to complete the custom look while keeping the saddle looking sharp and the foam shape crisp. We're bringing riders a high value by providing leather saddles at a fair price. Shown here with natural grain black leather seating and coordinated side panels.

Installation of the Corbin saddle is simple.  The one-piece saddle installs easily on your RS with brackets pre-installed on the saddle. Corbin's Dual Touring saddle mounts only in the low position and provides seating similar to the lowest position of the stock seat.

Optional Passenger and driver backrests are available, also a bolt on Corbin's Glovebox in place of your backrest's backing plate to add four liters of convenient locking storage. Glovebox comes fully lined and weather stripped to protect your cargo and holds all your essential small items where you can get at them easily.
See below for the range of options that can beadded to Corbin's touring Seat

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