BMW K1600GTL Handlebars K1600GTL Helibars

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BMW K1600GTL Handlebars K1600GTL Helibar Replacement Handlebars

 BMW K1600GTL Horizon ST Replacement Handlebars

Introducing the much anticipated replacement handlebar system for the K1600GTL.  Now riders can have the same rear offset but adjustments for wrist angle and height.  With the patented Horizon ST bars you can adjust it all!


0-3" Taller
0-4" Rear Offset
All the stock lines and hydraulics remain unchanged and in the stock location
Bar control locating holes are precision drilled for factory components and stock damper weights are retained
Grip width has been increased 25mm (1") @ 30 inches.
3pc. handlebar mounting adapter comes standard with a centrally located threaded mounting hole on its top cover to accept a Ram Ball
1 to 1 1/2 hr install time. Every component required for installation is included.

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