BMW G650GS GS650 V-stream Windscreen Ztechnik Touring Windshield Light Tint Sertao Tall

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BMW G650GS GS650 V-stream Windscreen Windshield Ztechnik Z2472 Touring Light Tint Sertao Tall


BMW G650GS GS650 V-stream Windscreen Windshield Ztechnik Z2472 Touring Light Tint Sertao Tall

V-Stream windscreens are made from tough 4.5mm FMR hardcoated polycarbonate. This high quality material, along with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, provides these windscreens’ outstanding clarity and strength characteristics unmatched by any windscreen maker worldwide.  They are 30X more scratch resistant and have 20X greater crack and impact resistance than other aftermarket windscreens on the market made from commonly used acrylic or “aircraft plastic”.
Height: 17.00" (43.2cm)
Width: 15.75" (40.0cm)
 Fits : BMW G650GS GS650 Sertao Dual Sports

ZTechnik announces a new VStream® windshield for the 2011-2013 BMW G650GS and G650GS Sertão. The highly successful VStream aeroacoustic contour features a wider profile at the top of the windscreen, which pushes turbulent, noisy airflow to the side and away from the rider’s helmet. The additional wind protection provided by the VStream calls for a strong mounting system. The tubular frame provided ensures stability and offers an additional mounting point for ZTechnik’s Z6010 Accessory Mount.


ZTechnik revolutionizes windscreen performance with its new VStream® windshield. While creating a comfortable ride for the BMW sport touring rider, ZTechnik introduces QUIET into the equation. To create COMFORT, other manufacturers will offer taller windshields and spoiler tops to lift the air stream. ZTechnik designed, for the first time ever, a windshield with airflow calculated and adjusted to quiet the rider's environment. In addition, VStream windshields are designed with an unprecedented area of protection and an outstanding level of DURABILITY and OPTICAL CLARITY that is only available through the use of Quantum™ coated Lexan® polycarbonate.

The typical airflow pattern of the wake from most windshields is called a van Karman vortex. At speeds of 50-90 mph, the air swirls off the windshield in an approximate 90-degree segment of rotation, i.e. it rolls off the windshield, hits the bottom of the rider's neck on the way up, and curves off the shoulder at approximately 45 degrees. ZTechnik gave the VStream its name for the shape it takes at the upper edge. The "V" shape is so outstandingly quiet because it pushes this vortex out and away more than 4 inches from the side of the rider's head. The rider's helmet then resides in still air, and the passenger's environment is greatly improved as well.

The advanced, patent pending "V" profile and three-dimensional contours of all VStream windshields create a calm and quiet air pocket for the rider. This improvement is notable for the passenger as well. Every aspect of finishing a shield will contribute to the comfort level. That's why ZTechnik windshields have smooth radiused edges on 4.5mm-6.0mm thick material. These features and more make VStream the most comfortable windshield you can ride behind on a sport-touring BMW motorcycle.

Our exclusive Quantum™ coating for motorcycle windshields.

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