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BMW R-1200 GS ADV 2010-2012 The safari kit with black lower part + plastic part anti reflection has 3 upper part sizes to choose from. These are small, large and medium heights. sc1047

National Cycle / Ztechnik are Market leaders in windshield windscreen technology for motorcycles use FMR coated polycarbonate and high quality fittings to ensure the ultimate in touring efficiency and passenger comfort too! buy the best forget the rest! call Mike 01773835666 for advice if needed ride safe

Kit out your BMW R-1200 GS ADV 2010-2012 sc1047 with the Safari kit to give it that agressive and stylish look that you want. At high speeds you can be assured this product is extremely reliable, with reinfored knobs to provide a greater reliability. The plastic anti-reflection part located above the headlight allows for optimum visibilty both day and night, 5mm thick high quality plastic is used to make the anti-reflection part giving you the best reassurance of quality and reliability

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