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R-1200 GS ADV 2010-2012 Safari Ultimate kit sc1051. The safari ultimate kit comes with everything in the standard kit + MORE. The safari ultimate kit comes two windshields / windscreens, in and out wind protection and headlight protection. This kit is a great way to protect you and your bike from the harsh enviroments.

Safari Ultimate kit sc1051. Kit out your R-1200 GS ADV 2010-2012 with the Safari kit to give it that agressive and stylish look that you want. At high speeds you can be assured this product is extremely reliable, with reinfored knobs to provide a greater reliability. The plastic anti-reflection part located above the headlight allows for optimum visibilty both day and night, 5mm thick high quality plastic is used to make the anti-reflection part giving you the best reassurance of quality and reliability. The safari ultimate kit comes with a black lower part and a plastic anti-refelction parts. Along with this you get both low and high upper part, headlight protection with grid, instrumental panel cover, in-wind deflectors and out-wind deflectors.

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