National Cycle Shield Wash Windscreen Cleaner

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National Cycle Shield screen Wash windshield Windscreen Cleaner N1401-01 
The kit includes eight-ounce bottle of Shield Wash and a one-ounce refill bottle with a small microfibre cloth to carry on the motorcycle. - everything you need to keep your windshield sparkling clean!

National Cycle Shield screen Wash windshield Windscreen Cleaner N1401-01 if you Want bugs and grime on your windshield to melt away? Who else but the premiere motorcycle windshield manufacturer could develop the premiere windshield cleaner? Developed by National Cycle's in-house chemists, National Cycle's N1401-01 Shield Wash keeps your windshield ultra clean. It's also great for face shields, and safe on practically any polycarbonate or acrylic windshield on the market.
National Cycle's Shield Wash is mild enough to use often, and is provided in packaging that will carry easily on your bike. Over the years, we have found the cloth really does make a difference. Our cloth has the right amount of absorbency and dirt-lifting capability, yet is gentle on your windshield. It easily cleans without streaking.
National Cycle USA
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